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HIY 2012 proudly present:~ MEET THE PARADISE ON EARTH ~
Our professional pirates will bring you into the new experience about traveling, 
backpacker, and also MEET UP ALL THE PARADISE !!

Our boat starts sailing  at Thursday, 22 November 2012, 19.00 - till drop
from "@GSGITT" harbour. (Gedung Serba Guna IT Telkom)


Our professional pirates :
• FAUZI BADILA (actor/traveler)
• TERRY PUTRI (presenter/traveler)
• MEDINA KAMIL (host jejak petualang)
• MUHAMMAD ASSAD (writter notes from qatar/ traveler)
• FARID GABAN (journalist/traveler)

Our amazing treasure:  (total 2 millions), free TAK and Snack

Sailing price :
ITT 25.000Public 30.000On the spot 35.000Get the ticket from us!

So, what are you waiting for..?  Come on and join our wonderful trip into the big treasure..
For more info @HIY_2012
Contact person : 
Dany - 085722133494Tikki  - 085722666781Jali    - 088802303722

Proses booting sebuah router

Router Boot process Router uses a systematic way to boot. It goes through the following process during bootup.--

POST-(Power On Self Test)-- Testing the H/W Components of Router
Load  Bootstrap Loader from ROM to RAM and Execute it.Then Bootstrap loader locate the IOS image and copy it into RAM.
Locating the Configuration file if any in NVRAM .
Loading the Configuration file in RAM. if their is no file than the Router will prompt the user to enter Setup mode.